Volleyball is a popular team sport that involves two teams of six players separated by a net. It requires agility, speed, and the ability to think quickly on your feet. Knowing the rules of volleyball will help you make sure you are playing the game correctly and fairly. Here are some of the key rules in volleyball that all players should be aware of.

What Are The Rules in Volleyball?

1. Service – The server must hit the ball over the net, without touching it with both hands at once. It must land within the boundaries of their opponents’ court or be played by an opposing player before it touches the ground. If a serve goes out of bounds, it is considered an error and will result in a point for the other team.

2. Volleyball Court – The volleyball court must measure between 18m x 9m to 23m x 10m in length and width respectively. The boundary lines are marked clearly on the court and indicate where the ball should be served from and when players can switch sides of the court after each set.

3. Scoring System – A game is won when one team reaches 25 points and is ahead by at least two points. In the case of a tie, the game must continue until one team has won by two points.

4. Substitutions – Players are allowed to substitute in and out of games during any dead ball situation. There is no limit to how many times substitutions can be made, but all substitutions must be made from the same side of the court as the player being subbed in or out of the game.

5. Playing The Ball – When playing the ball, players are not permitted to use their hands consecutively (“double-touches”), carry it over the net, or touch it more than three times before hitting it back over the net.

6. Blocking – Blocking is an important part of the game, and it is when one or more players jump to block a spike or hit from the opposing team. However, there are rules to blocking; players are not allowed to push over the net or reach across it in an attempt to block a play.

7. Faults – A fault occurs whenever a player breaks any of the rules listed above. Examples of faults include double touches, carrying or lifting the ball, blocking incorrectly, taking too many steps before hitting the ball, and serving out of bounds. If a team commits a fault, their opponents will receive the point for that play.

By following these rules and familiarizing yourself with volleyball fundamentals like court positioning, setting and spiking, you will be able to play the game correctly and competitively. With practice and proper technique, volleyball can be a fun and exciting sport for everyone involved.


Q: What is the minimum size of a volleyball court?

A: The minimum size of a volleyball court is 18m x 9m.

Q: How many players are on each team in volleyball?

A: Each team in volleyball consists of six players.

Q: What must happen for one team to win the game?

A: A game is won when one team reaches 25 points and is ahead by at least two points. In the case of a tie, the game must continue until one team has won by two points.


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