Rugby is a sport enjoyed by people around the world. It’s one of the toughest and most exciting sports, with an intense physicality that requires skill and strategy to score. Knowing how to score in rugby can be the difference between winning or losing a match. In this article, we’ll discuss different strategies for scoring points in rugby, including scrums, try-scoring techniques, and kicking goals. We’ll also cover other aspects of rugby such as lineouts and rucks that can help you gain an advantage over your opponents. With these tips, you should have no problem becoming a top-notch player! Good luck out there!

How To Score in Rugby?

Scrums are one of the most important and exciting elements in rugby. It’s when two teams line up, in a set formation, behind their respective sets of forwards. Each team attempts to push the other back while trying to win possession of the ball. A scrum is awarded when an infringement has been committed by either side or when there is a stoppage in play. The team that wins possession of the ball is then able to attack and attempt to score a try if they have managed to move their opponents back enough.

Tries are the main way of scoring points in rugby; convert them into extracurricular points by kicking goals through the posts from any angle (for conversions). You can also accumulate penalty points by kicking goals from any distance, provided the kick is successful. Finally, drop-goals can be made from any spot on the field during open play; a player drops and kicks the ball between their own posts as it falls to the ground.

Other aspects of rugby also affect how you score points. Lineouts are when two teams assemble in two lines near each other’s goal line, in an attempt to win possession of a ball that has been kicked or bounced out of bounds. Rucks are when players contest for possession of a loose ball on the ground, usually with both sides forming a circular shape around it. When either side wins possession they can then move upfield and try to score points.

In summary, knowing how to score in rugby requires a combination of strategies. Scrums and try-scoring techniques are essential for gaining quick points, while kicking goals and drop-goals can help accumulate more points over time. Additionally, lineouts and rucks can provide an advantage if used properly. With dedication and practice you should have no problem becoming a successful rugby player! Good luck out there!


Q: What is a scrum?

A: A scrum is when two teams line up in a set formation behind their respective sets of forwards. Each team attempts to push the other back while trying to win possession of the ball.

Q: How do I score points in rugby?

A: Points can be scored through tries, conversions, penalty kicks, and drop-goals. Tries are gained by crossing the goal line with the ball; conversion kicks follow successful tries and kick goals from any angle; penalty kicks can be taken from any distance; and drop-goals occur during open play (when a player drops the ball then kicks it between their own posts).

Q: What are some other elements of rugby that can help me score points?

A: Lineouts and rucks are two other elements of rugby that can give you an advantage. In lineouts, players contest for possession of a ball kicked or bounced out-of-bounds, while in rucks they contest for a loose ball on the ground. Winning these contests can open up opportunities to score points.

Q: What advice do you have for becoming a successful rugby player?

A: Becoming a successful rugby player requires dedication and practice. Learn the rules of the game, understand different strategies for scoring points, make use of lineouts and rucks to your advantage, and don’t be afraid to take risks when necessary!


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