Holding a tennis racket correctly is an essential fundamental to mastering the game of tennis. It allows you to hit powerful and accurate shots, play precise volleys and helps prevent injury. With the correct grip and positioning, you’ll have more control over your swings and strokes. In this guide, we will discuss how to hold a tennis racket properly so that you can improve your game as quickly as possible.

How To Hold a Tennis Racket

To properly hold a tennis racket, start by placing the handle of the racket in your dominant hand. Make sure that the “V” between your thumb and index finger is pointed away from you. This should form an “L” shape with your arm. Next, make sure to wrap all four fingers around the handle.

Next, take your other hand and place it below the dominant hand. Make sure that the palms of both hands are facing each other and not up or down. This should form an “X” between your two hands. The racket handle should be centered between your palms. Finally, make sure to keep a light grip, as a tight grip can lead to inaccurate shots and cause injury.

When you have the correct grip in place, it is time to adjust for comfort. Make sure that your elbows are bent slightly so that they don’t feel too strained when holding the racket. You should also align the handle with your elbow so that you have more control over the racket head and can move it back and forth more easily.

By following these steps, you should now have a correct and comfortable grip on your tennis racket. When playing, make sure to keep the same grip and positioning throughout each shot so that you can maintain consistency in your game. With practice, you will soon find yourself confidently holding the racket for powerful and accurate shots. Good luck!

The key to mastering tennis is paying attention to technique. One of the most important techniques is learning how to properly hold a tennis racket. By following the steps above and practicing regularly, you’ll be able to improve your skills and confidence on court quickly and efficiently. Remember to have fun while playing— after all, that’s why we love this wonderful sport! Enjoy your journey into improving your game!


Q: What is the best grip for a tennis racket?

A: The best grip for a tennis racket is one where the “V” between your thumb and index finger is pointed away from you, with all four fingers wrapped around the handle of the racket. Additionally, make sure that the palms of both hands are facing each other.

Q: Does it matter which hand I use to hold my tennis racket?

A: Yes, it matters which hand you use to hold your tennis racket. You should always use your dominant hand as this will give you more control and power when hitting shots.

Q: How tight should I hold my tennis racket?

A: It’s important to keep a light grip on your tennis racket when playing. A tight grip can cause inaccurate shots and even injury, so it’s best to keep a relaxed but firm hold on the handle.

Q: What should I do if my grip feels uncomfortable?

A: If your grip feels uncomfortable, make sure to adjust for comfort. You should bend your elbows slightly and align the handle with them for more control over the racket head. Additionally, you can shake out your hands in between shots to help reduce any tension or discomfort.


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