Crafting the optimal draft strategy is key to dominating your fantasy football league. Balancing value picks against risk factors at each draft slot is crucial. This in-depth guide examines draft priorities and player rankings by position, providing actionable tips to build a championship-caliber roster.


The cornerstone of a successful fantasy team is a consistent, elite QB. Focus on securing a top-tier QB early:

First 3 Rounds

Target proven veterans like Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, or Justin Herbert if available here. Their weekly 20+ point potential is too valuable to pass up.


If you miss a QB early, pivot to a reliable second-tier option like Dak Prescott or Russell Wilson in rounds 4-6 before they’re gone.


It’s risky to wait beyond round 6-8 for a QB1. But if needed, target high-upside options like Trey Lance or Trevor Lawrence to anchor QB.

Streaming QBs week-to-week is extremely precarious. Investing in a surefire elite quarterback early is the smartest path to take.

Running Backs

RB is the quickest position to lose depth as the draft progresses. Target at least 2 RBs in the first 5 rounds:

Round 1

Take a consensus top-5 RB like Derrick Henry, Dalvin Cook, or Austin Ekeler to drive your offense.

Rounds 2-4

Aim for upside RBs in this range like Javonte Williams, Travis Etienne, or Breece Hall to support your RB1.

Round 5

Veteran RBs with pass catching upside like Alvin Kamara or Antonio Gibson tend to linger into round 5, presenting good value.


Take some dart throws on high-potential backup RBs or rookies like Rachaad White, Dameon Pierce, or James Cook for depth.

Passing on elite RBs early will leave you scrambling late. Stack up at RB before the position’s depth evaporates.

Wide Receivers

With passing volume soaring, target at least 3-4 solid WRs at different tiers:

Rounds 1-3

Target an elite WR like Justin Jefferson, Ja’Marr Chase or CeeDee Lamb if available here. Their massive production is invaluable.

Rounds 4-6

Established WR2s like Mike Evans, Keenan Allen, and Amari Cooper tend to last into this range, presenting nice value.

Rounds 7-9

Veteran WR3 types like Allen Lazard, Hunter Renfrow and Adam Thielen offer high floors with starter upside here.


High-upside fliers like Chris Olave, George Pickens or Jameson Williams are smart pickups before WR gets completely barren.

Having both elite WR1s and a supporting cast of upside WR2/WR3s is key to dominating matchups week to week.

Tight Ends

The elite TEs go quick, so having strategies for each draft range is critical:

Round 2-3

If you want a set-and-forget TE1 like Travis Kelce or Mark Andrews, take them at the early 2nd/3rd turn before they’re gone.

Rounds 9-11

Often you can land a high-end TE like Dalton Schultz or Dallas Goedert in this range to lock the position up.


If you miss early, target fresh breakout candidates like Cole Kmet, Irv Smith Jr. or Albert Okwuegbunam in the final rounds.


If you punt TE completely, stream week-to-week based on schedules and mismatches. Requires diligent waivers work.

Your draft slot dictates TE strategy, but grabbing at least one high-upside TE by round 11 should be the priority.

Team Defenses (D/STs)

Defenses often win weeks, so don’t wait too long for a solid starting unit:

Rounds 12-14

Target a D/ST from a team with a strong IRL defense and good early-season schedule, like the 49ers, Patriots or Buccaneers.

Final Rounds

If you miss the prime D/ST targets, grab one with a fantasy-friendly opening slate like the Saints, Broncos or Eagles.

Waiver Wire

Be ready to stream D/STs from the waiver wire week-to-week based on schedules and injuries if you don’t draft one.

Don’t be caught without a starting-caliber D/ST come Week 1. Use the final 3 rounds to secure one with upside.


Kickers are easily replaceable off waivers, so don’t draft them prematurely:

Final 3 Rounds

If targeting a kicker in the draft at all, only do so in the final 3 rounds. Justin Tucker and Harrison Butker are set-and-forget options.

Waiver Wire

Feel free to pass on kickers completely in your draft. Stream week-to-week options in high-powered offenses.

Avoid the temptation to take kickers earlier than the last 3 rounds. There will always be steady options to add off waivers.

Frequently Asked Fantasy Football Draft Strategy Questions

Should I draft a QB early or wait until later?

Drafting an elite QB early (rounds 1-4) ensures reliable weekly production. Waiting risks ending up with a volatile, low-ceiling QB2.

What positions should I target in Rounds 1-3?

Aim for elite RBs and WRs in the first 3 rounds. Maybe grab an elite TE if available. Draft impact players early who can carry your team.

How many RBs should I try to draft?

Target at least 3 RBs in the first 5-6 rounds if you can, as the position lacks depth. Having a stable of options is important.

When should I draft my first receiver?

Balance your early picks between RBs and WRs based on value available. Getting a stud WR in round 1-3 gives your team a big edge.

Is it better to take a defense early or late?

Wait until the final rounds to take a defense. Use those mid-round picks on higher-upside offensive players first.

Should I reach for players in their favorable situations?

It’s ok to reach slightly if you have strong conviction in a player’s upside due to changes like coaching, supporting cast, role growth, etc.

Do handcuff RBs provide good value in the mid-to-late rounds?

Yes, handcuffing your top RBs with their backups gives you built-in insurance for injuries, providing big upside for small investment.

How many lottery ticket upside players should I target late?

Aim for 2-3 upside players in the endgame rounds at various positions. They provide the breakout potential to take your team over the top.

Key Fantasy Football Draft Strategy Takeaways

  • Secure a proven elite QB within the first 5 rounds to anchor your roster’s scoring.
  • Draft multiple RB1 and RB2s by round 5 before supply dries up.
  • Target both solid WR2s in the mid-rounds along with upside WR3s late.
  • Don’t wait beyond round 10-11 to draft a quality TE.
  • Grab a DEF and K in the final rounds only.
  • Balance floor and upside picks throughout the draft.

Entering your draft with a clear gameplan for each round greatly reduces risk of reaching or panicking. Maintain patience, execute your strategy, and let the value come to you. Your diligent draft prep will pay off with a formidable roster ready for championship contention.


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