Better QB: Eli or Peyton?

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Better QB: Eli or Peyton?

New York Giants QB Eli Manning is fresh off winning his second Super Bowl ring with a dramatic, come from behind, 21-17 victory over the New England Patriots. His brother, Peyton Manning has one Super Bowl ring but has been named the NFL’s Most Valuable Player 4 times. Who is the best? in a Poll Position national scientific telephone survey we asked, following his second Super Bowl win, do you think New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is a better quarterback than his brother, Peyton Manning?

Super Bowl rings aside, among NFL fans Peyton Manning came out on top with 44% saying Eli Manning is not a better QB than his brother, 25% said Eli is the better QB, 32% did not have an opinion or had not yet made up their minds.

Among male NFL fans Peyton Manning scored best with 54% saying Eli was not a better QB than his brother, 29% said Eli is the better quaterback, 18% did not have an opinion. Peyton also fared well in the 30-44 year old age group with 53% telling us Eli is not a better QB than Peyton, 18% said Eli is better than Peyton, 30% did not offer an opinion.

Eli Manning did the best among the young crowd, those in the 18-29 year old category. Among those NFL fans, 37% thought Eli was a better quaterback than Peyton, 47% said Peyton was the better QB, 17% offered no opinion.

Poll Position’s scientific telephone survey of 1,232 registered voters nationwide was conducted February 06, 2012 and has a margin of error of ±3%. Among those 632 said they were NFL fans with a margin of error of ±4%. Poll results are weighted to be a representative sampling of all American adults.

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