Failed marriages a fair question?

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Failed marriages a fair question?

Are questions about GOP Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich’s failed marriages fair game? Americans are split on their views, however a majority of Americans who said they are voting in Republican primaries said questions about his marriages are not appropriate. In a Poll Position national scientific telephone survey we asked, do you believe it is appropriate for journalists to question Newt Gingrich about his failed marriages? Among those who say they are voting in the primaries, 51% said it is not appropriate, 41% said it is OK to ask, 8% did not have an opinion. Among all Americans we polled, 48% said it appropriate to ask questions about Gingrich’s failed marriages, 42% said it is not, 11% offered no opinion.

At the start of a CNN GOP Presidential candidates debate, CNN’s John King asked Gingrich if he wanted to respond to adultery allegations made in an ABC News interview with Gingrich’s former wife, Marianne. A fiery Gingrich responded, “No. But I will.” He then berated King by saying, “I am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that.” King defended himself following the debate saying it was a “duty” to ask the question because people were talking about the interview. King added, ”I understood that if I asked the question he was not going to be happy with it”, but King thought it was an issue that needed the dealt with and, “If we’re going to deal with it, let’s deal with it up front.”

Among all the Americans we polled, women thought it was a fair question with 51% saying it was appropriate, 41% said it was not an appropriate question, 8% had no opinion. Among women voting in Republican primaries, 51% said the question was not appropriate, 41% said it was, 8% did not offer an opinion.

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One thought on “Failed marriages a fair question?

  1. Being 75 and a native Georgian
    I am not a fan of Newt’s, and especially
    his marriage record. It does not upset me that
    he was married 3 times, but that he stayed
    married to the mother of his children WHILE
    he was ‘ courting’ the platinum helmet- haired
    Callista……..who apparently agreed to this bizarre
    arrangement for six years

    …… values rides again!!

    Newt is a narcissistic blow hard, and this
    country will be in the same chaos as he kept
    the senate in during the ninties if he is elected.

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