70%: Limit term of Supreme Court justices

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70%: Limit term of Supreme Court justices

By a 70%-22% margin, Americans believe Supreme Court justices should serve a limited term, not a life term.

America is united on the issue: Republicans, Democrats, and independents agree.  No age group, race, or gender backed a life term for the justices.

Overall, 70% backed a limited term for the justices, 22% supported a life term, and 8% had no opinion on the question.

The U.S. Constitution says Supreme Court justices “shall hold their offices during good behavior,” which has long been interpreted to mean for life or until the justice chooses to resign or retire.

Poll Position’s scientific telephone survey of 1,220 registered voters nationwide was conducted November 20, 2011 and has a margin of error of ±3%.

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