Americans split on flu shots

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Americans split on flu shots

It’s that time of year again and Americans are evenly divided over getting a flu shot. In a Poll Position national scientific telephone survey, 46% of the people we asked said they have gotten their flu shot, but 47% said they have not, and will not. We asked those who were not getting the shot, why? Here is what we learned:

The elderly, those 65 and over, had the highest number telling us they have already had their flu shot with 62% saying yes, to 29% saying no.

African-Americans had the fewest who have gotten a shot with 60% telling us no, to 33% who said they have had their flu shot. Forty-nine percent of African-Americans said they are not getting a flu shot because they are concerned with side effects, while 24% told us they did not think they nee one.

A large number of young Americans, those aged 18-29, have not gotten their shot with 46% telling us no, compared to 38% who said yes, they have had a flu shot. When asked why they will not get a shot 44% of the young people said they were concerned with side effects and 33% said they don’t think they need one.

Poll Position’s scientific telephone survey of 1,032 registered voters nationwide was conducted November 01, 2011 and has a margin of error of ±3%.   

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